Check Business Casual Shoes for Men Better for Workwear

Walking through life with the right shoes is a complicated matter. And the most complicated dress code for shoes is business casual. Smarter than Smart: Casual, but less buttoned-up than business, it’s hard to define. These can be tailored soft suits with white T-shirts underneath or a knitted polo shirt over stone-coloured chinos. But all the hard work of nailing the dress code to the top can be undone by not choosing the best business casual shoes for men.

“Business casual is the treacherous middle ground where you try to achieve two things, smart but relaxed,” says Tim Little, owner and creative director of Grenson. “The best business casual shoes for men can be one of two things,” says Little. “A casual version of a business shoe or a chic version of a casual shoe. The first way, for example, could be a classic brogue, but with an informal touch, such as a thick wedge sole, or made of coloured suede. While the second route could be a sneaker, but in an elegant luxury leather.”

Here we’ll walk you through the best business casual shoes for men, from chunky chukka boots to gorgeous loafers, so you’ll never get into the wrong work shoes again.


Yes, before you say anything, we know that this is not a pure Oxford boot, but what in life is so simple? This Myqvist boot has won the cake for its fine craftsmanship and versatility. The textured leather makes them the best all-weather and year-round perfect business casual shoes for men (it’s harder to notice the wear). They also come with welted soles so you know you can safely put one foot in front of the other. Now for a short story:

The Oxford boot is an extension of the straight laced Oxford shoe, the boot is typically the same in shape and design with limited seams except through the toe cap and sometimes runs horizontally up to the eyelets.

However, the Oxford boot has the added benefit of having more leather covering the shoulder pads, making them a more difficult alternative in the winter months, as well as a more casual outfit that can be paired with jeans if the Oxford shoe would look out of place.

“The Oxford boot is perfectly versatile and gives you the opportunity to dress up or down,” says Buller. “Look for thick round toe shapes for a Modern style. “Wear it with equally robust wool trousers for the perfect action armor in the lively winter.


The derby shoe is the more relaxed and laid-back cousin of that mainstay of business attire, the Oxford. It all depends on the laces, with the distance between the sewn eyelets in the ‘closed system’ being closed on a pair of oxfords, while they open when the laces come off with the derby.

A subtle difference, of course, but one that makes a difference. You can relax the style even more with a suede finish, but we recommend gluing with a polished leather to keep it professional.

The simplicity of this business casual shoe for men makes it a versatile shoe. So the most important thing is to match your colors correctly, not your trouser style. Light shades outside the three neutral colors stand out from black trousers, while brown versions look good with chinos, as long as one shade is darker than the other.


This is the favorite shoe of the preppy style icon and Hollywood resident silver fox Jeff Goldblum. The penny loafer differs from other loafers by the leather strap, which looks pretty on the front with a diamond neckline.

“Pennyloafern is all about fit,” says Little. “It should barely slip over the back when walking, but not be too tight on the instep. If you are not sure, go away.”

Come in, the loafer of Morjas, after 17 months of intensive research, you think you have cracked the code, and we agree with you. The perfect fit for every step and the Goodyear frame soles from Morja, so that every step is better than the previous one.

Leather versions are the perfect score for tailored looks, while suede should be reserved for spring and summer. For the latter, choose an intense sapphire pair and wear your loafers together with wide-leg linen trousers for a style that will make you the toast of the super yachthafen.

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