New Great Options Leather Backpacks for Men

From Jansport and Eastpak to the Kipling breeder (if you know, you know). Backpacks were a necessity to start school, which stuck with us in our teens. If you think backpacks are a thing of the past, we’re here to convince you that they’re not just for kids anymore.

The easy solution to taking off a backpack as an mature is to invest in a leather option, also known as an mature backpack. There’s no doubt that the best leather backpacks are the easiest way (and the ball first) to carry your stuff like a busy guy. They have hands-free for a ventilated iced coffee and are sturdy enough to handle your daily commute.

If you need an update on your favorite backpack from high school or want to change things out of your briefcase, we are here to help. Here are the best leather backpacks for men that you can buy right now.


This is the best option for the everyday guy who is looking for something simple and not too flashy. The Sloan backpack from Leatherology has a minimalist design without unnecessary details. It is so versatile that you will have no problems styling it with most (if not all) of your outfits.

The wonderfully soft full-grain leather surprises in two ways. First of all, it is surprisingly durable. Secondly, the price does not make you cry. Not a bad excuse to grab one in any color and maybe even jump in for your customization option.


If you want to enjoy a designer product, why not opt for the most luxurious option? Saint Laurent has been the image of luxury for years. This is one of the best leather backpacks for men, it is the most stylish (and attractive) option that will make you feel like a casual model everywhere.

As the name of the bag “City” suggests, it is ideal for urban types with busy schedules and a stylish lifestyle. And the proof is in the breathable fabric. Even in oppressive temperatures, your back will not turn into a swamp. The headphone jack is also a nice touch.

This backpack looks great with everything, but most of all we would like to combine it with a Saint Laurent leather jacket and skinny jeans. It’s the ultimate glam rock look.


The best leather backpack, which is on the wish lists of many fashionistas, is the Runwell backpack from Shinola. It is versatile, durable and casual, with many useful pockets – check each item on our list of criteria.

We got it, it’s expensive, but listen to us, it’s worth the investment. This high-quality leather backpack will skate beautifully, which means that it will look cooler over time. Like your girlfriend’s Herm├Ęs Kelly or the expensive bottle of plonk you save up for the day, the value of your backpack increases as the vintage season increases.

If you want to stick to the shades that you are already familiar with, choose the options in black, gray or brown to get the most versatility. But if you are feeling sharp, let’s look for yellow for a non-boring option.

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