See Favorite Styles Leather Messenger Bags for Men

In a world where sustainability is such a hot topic, it’s hard to imagine a more sustainable fashion purchase than a men’s leather crossbody bag. Choose correctly, and you will have a partner in crime for a variety of different occasions and outfits, and possibly for life.

In a recent episode of the BBC TV show The Repair Shop, where valuable items are restored and revived, a man brought his father’s leather crossbody bag, which was 50 years old and full of character. A quick polish made the leather bag look brand new and show off a nice patina, with each little scratch telling a different story.

There is a world of the best leather messenger bags for men to choose from, and I will focus on 10 different aesthetics and styles and recommend the best leather bags for each to save you the research administration and try to determine the best option by yourself. I’m so nice.


Each shoulder bag has a specific purpose and place in every man’s wardrobe, and some have the added advantage of combining several different styles that can be worn with a variety of cool outfits. Others even go beyond the typical materials, such as the vegan leather shoulder bag by Troubadour.

Some leather messenger bags are more useful than others. So if you are looking for something stylish to cover all the bases, I would recommend choosing a bag big enough to carry a laptop as my choice, the Harvard.

In terms of price, this is mainly a function of brand and design rather than size or practicality, which is why I deliberately recommended a variety of bags for every budget. Yes, even luxurious budgets, if you have something like a Dior saddlebag in mind.

A men’s leather crossbody bag should really be considered an investment, as it will probably be the most versatile fashion accessory in your wardrobe. It is also the one you will use the most, as we have all the products, technologies and at least three easily lost items with us at any given time.


While I have recommended no less than 10 leather messenger bags, there is one that meets all the criteria for me: the Harvard Messenger Bag by Visconti.

This is the bag that I chose myself when faced with the dilemma that you are undoubtedly thinking about when you are reading this article right now. The ‘Harvard’ actually looks awesome, the oil brown and sturdy leather gives it a lot of character. Not only is it effortlessly cool, but it also goes well with almost any outfit, from casual to super chic.

Add in the practicality of being big enough to carry a MacBook and multiple accessories, not to mention the multiple pockets and a cool adjustable strap, and this bag has all the bottoms covered.


Do you need something super snappy for a more formal outfit, like a tailored suit? Maybe you are also looking for something that focuses on practicality and smart and simple style for the office. Then the sophisticated Morris leather shoulder bag for men from the Danish brand ITSELF would be my personal choice.

Available in black, brown or light brown full grain leather, this men’s leather crossbody bag is ideal for carrying a laptop in its central foam compartment for ultimate technical protection. It has two handles on both sides of a circumferential zipper, several more pockets for pens and office accessories, as well as a removable strap in matter you want to style it as a shoulder bag.

Personally, I would pair this bag with a fitted suit and monk strap shoes in a color that matches your bag of choice, or a super chic casual outfit with maybe a thin turtleneck sweater and a fur collar urban coat with thin leather boots.


Axel Arigato, founded in 2014, is one of the coolest brands in the streetwear sector. The company has a clear and minimalist aesthetic that presents the brand’s high-quality clothing and accessories to the rhythm of the recent songs, which are often played by guest DJs at parties in Axel Rigato’s store.

They haven’t let up on the beat when it comes to leather messenger bags for men, and the cubic monogrammed bag is a typical example of this. Featuring the company’s signature monogram logo and the Axel Arigato leather label, this black leather number features a really cool side strap for hand-holding as well as the more traditional adjustable shoulder strap.

Although it is not suitable as a weekend or backpack option, it gives a lot of verve. Definitely a wavy vibe, this minimalist bag would go well with baggy pants, an oversized knit and some chunky sneakers like the company’s marathon kicks.

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