Awesome Black Dress Shoes for Men Nowadays

Men either love evening shoes, or they can’t stand them and don’t want to wear them anymore. We understand and feel for every part. Those who hate dress shoes will eventually have to attend a wedding, a work conference, a committal or a big dance. Something that will name each of the best black evening […]

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Check Business Casual Shoes for Men Better for Workwear

Walking through life with the right shoes is a complicated matter. And the most complicated dress code for shoes is business casual. Smarter than Smart: Casual, but less buttoned-up than business, it’s hard to define. These can be tailored soft suits with white T-shirts underneath or a knitted polo shirt over stone-coloured chinos. But all […]

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Awesome Shoe Trees Cedar and Wooden Options

We have a Seinfeld-Ian dilemma in front of us today. Shoe trees. There are no shoes or trees. But here we are, not only blindly accepting their place in society, but extolling their virtues as saviours of their hard-won oxfords, derbies and loafers. But, unfortunately, it’s true. If you have one or two valuable pairs […]

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