Zip-Up Hoodies for Men to Buy in Recent Day

Imagine this: it’s a cool 60-degree spring day, still too cold for a T-shirt, but too sunny to spend the day indoors. So, what are you looking for? A blazer is too formal, a raincoat is not necessary, and in a sweater, you will, well, sweat. In your wardrobe, the most versatile option for outerwear is not found: the hoodie with a zipper.

We know what you’re thinking but listen to us. The zip-up hoodie has gotten a bad rap, either from the same infidels who dismissed sweatpants as lazy, or from his unfortunate association with a particularly clumsy tech billionaire.

With the development of streetwear and athleisure games, the modest zip-up hoodie is also developing. Gone are the days when the only options available were stacked in plastic bins on the back of a Walmart. Now the zip-up hoodie not only provides an extra layer of comfort and warmth, but also an extra layer of casual and cool style.

Still not convinced? That’s why we’re here. Keep reading to discover the world of zip-up hoodies and hopefully find one to add to your wardrobe when your Prada is in the dry cleaners.


When it comes to a piece of clothing, there is probably nothing more reassuring than durability. With the 10-year-old zip-up hoodie, people on Flint and Tinder are putting their money where their mouth is. Specially designed to combine style and durability, the 10-year-old hoodie promises to be a fashionable companion for the next decade.

Made of heavy Southern California fleece, reinforced stitching and high-quality metal zippers and drawstring tips, this sweatshirt can overcome any difficult conditions you might experience. The spacious pockets and the hidden inner pocket guarantee comfort and usefulness, making it a zip-up hoodie for all seasons. We noticed that this hoodie has a more relaxed fit, so be sure to check your measurements before ordering – after all, you will have it for ten years.


Since its establishment in 1901, Hanes has become a top name for people’s comfort. That’s why it’s our favorite choice for men on a budget. The eco-friendly zip-up hoodie from Hanes brings things to the essentials with a split pocket, a drawstring and a casual, relaxed fit.

The anti-pill fabric and machine wash ability make it durable and very easy to care for, so you can take it with you wherever you go. The waistband and hem of the wrist have a loose fit, so you should look elsewhere on this list if you are looking for a tighter or slimmer silhouette.


There is no wrong place to add a little luxury to your life, even in your sweatshirts drawer. The Luca Faloni hooded sweater made of pure cashmere with zipper fits with it, plus a pair. Made in Bergamo, in the north of Italy, from pure and prestigious cashmere, this hoodie will make you feel like a real jet setter. This sweatshirt has all the features of a standard hoodie, with deep front pockets, a sturdy zipper and a hood with an adjustable drawstring.

The unique look and feel make this a perfect choice for an evening out, whether you pair it with jeans and casual boots or under a blazer to add a cool factor to your business casual endeavors. The fitted fit of this sweatshirt means that the sleeves can feel a little tight when worn. Therefore, we recommend increasing the size if they are between sizes.

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